School motto

We have a shared vision

We (pupils, staff, governors and parents) want a school where:

We have an agreed set of values


We strive to reflect our vision and values through the following aims:

  1. To offer high quality learning experiences that are stimulating and fun.
  2. To create a supportive atmosphere that promotes motivation, resilience and perseverance both inside and outside the classroom and to help develop an enquiring mind.
  3. To maintain effective relationships with parents and the local community through good communication, partnership and teamwork.
  4. To create a modern, lively and stimulating learning environment where everyone wants to learn.
  5. To support parents and pupils through the sharing of information and the use of effective systems to respond to individual needs appropriately and pragmatically.
  6. To promote high standards of behaviour within a secure, caring environment which fosters in children an awareness of the responsibilities to themselves and the environment.
  7. To teach children the skills, attitudes and values necessary to live in a global society.

Our Targets This Year

In our school this year: