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There's always something interesting going on at Bowmandale. Whatever the time of year, there will be competitions, sporting events, educational visits and lots of learning. You can also download our monthly newsletter and mobile app to keep up to date with all our news.

Conker Competition 2018

Conker final 2018   Conkers final 2018

This afternoon, the whole school gathered in the hall for this year's conker competition final.

All week, Key Stage 2 children have been battling it out for a place in the final and today we got to find out who would be the winner. We started with 16 competitors but 8 were soon knocked out. Then it was down to 4 and, at last, 2 people were left battling face to face. There can only be one winner, however, and this year we have to say a big well done to Niamh who will get her name engraved on the trophy.

Here were the winners and runners up.

1st Niamh
2nd Michael
3rd Corey
4th Oliver

Inspire Afternoon

Inspire afternoon   Inspire afternoon

Yesterday, we held our first inspire afternoon. All of the teachers and teaching assistants chose an inspiring activity they wanted to share with the children to give them the chance to try something new. The staff obviously have a wide range of interests because the activities on offer ranged from art and athletics through to music and camping. Two of the teachers even brought their dogs to school! It's safe to say that the children and grown-ups all had a super afternoon and we can't wait to do it again!

Rock Up

Rock Up   Rock Up

This morning Year 5 shone on their class visit to Rock up, they showed not only amazing perseverance but also great team work when supporting each other! We were very proud of all the children today, their hard work even inspired the staff to join in!

We held our own Olympic event on the speed wall, bringing the competitive side out in us all! Well done the both Oscar and Isaac for tremendous speed climbing, winning in their own groups meaning they both received a voucher to return to Rock up. An amazing time of 18.02 seconds was set as record by Oscar.

When we returned to school, we considered the pros and cons of rock climbing in general and then considered the decision of the Olympic officials with allowing it in the Ancient Greek founded Olympic Games in 2020.

Great work Year 5!

Music Through The Decades

Music Through The Decades   Music Through The Decades

Over the last half term, all of the children have been learning about a decade in music and they all learnt a song from their decade from the 1960s to the 1990s. Last week, we all joined together in the hall for a performance of our work.

Foundation sang 'Spice Up Your Life' by the Spice Girls from the '90s. Year 1 followed them with 'Under the Sea' from 'The Little Mermaid', a Disney film from the '90s. The Year 2 classes' decade was the 1960s. Miss Singleton's Year 2s sang 'Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles and Miss Picksley's class sang 'Octopus's Garden' also by The Beatles. We then had an instrumental break with a Boomwhacker performance accompanied by Mrs Evison on keyboard and conducted by Mrs Smith.

After play, we reassembled for the Key Stage 2 performances which opened with Miss Brewster's Year 5s singing 'The Bear Necessities' from Disney's Jungle Book which came out in 1967. The three Year 3 and 4 classes worked together on the 1970's and treated us to 'The Wombles' and 'YMCA' which got all the teachers' feet tapping. Last of all, we were transported back to the '80s with the Mrs Noble's Year 5s and all the Year 6s singing 'Africa' by Toto.

Well done to everyone for your beautiful singing and a big thank you to Mrs Evison and Mrs White for organising this marvellous event.

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Radio Humberside School of the Week

Radio Humberside School of the Week   Radio Humberside School of the Week

Bowmandale Primary School has been offered the very exciting opportunity to be Radio Humberside's School of the Week. Today, Carl came into school to record the children ready for the show going out next week.

We chose several children to speak about a range of topics covering different aspects of our school such as art, sport, the school council, Buddies and more. Mrs White's class even sang a song! It was a fascinating experience for the children and staff involved and we look forward to hearing ourselves on the radio.

Bowmandale's School of the Week slot will be at 7:50am in the week beginning Monday 18th June.

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Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Key Stage 1 Sports Day   Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Yesterday, it was our Key Stage 1 sports day. The weather stayed fine all afternoon and it was not too hot for the competitors and spectators. In addition to the running races, we also enjoyed the bean bag races and the egg and spoon. Another highlight was the toddlers' race where so many younger brothers and sisters joined their older siblings on the track. Yet again, the children showed remarkable effort and determination. Well done everyone and thank you to all the families who came to watch.

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Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Key Stage 2 Sports Day   Key Stage 2 Sports Day

We had beautiful weather yesterday for our Key Stage 2 Sports Day and lots of parents joined us on the field to watch. The afternoon kicked off with the individual sprints then moved on to skipping, the one lap race and the relay. We took a quick break for the popular toddlers' race then finished with the optional one and a half lap and two lap races. The children showed superb sportsmanship all round and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of sport.

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Arts Week and Enterprise

Arts and Enterprise Week   Arts and Enterprise Week

This week was our Arts and Enterprise Week. All the children have worked incredibly hard to produce artwork relating to their artist of the term. Our art exhibition looked spectacular with our amazing art products on display in the hall inspired by artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Andy Goldsworthy. On Friday afternoon, we had our Enterprise Sale where the whole school came together to buy each other's work. The profits from each class will go towards something that the class has chosen.

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Ball Throwing Competition

Ball throwing competition   Ball Throwing Competition

This afternoon, we all went onto the field for our annual ball throwing competition. Three girls and three boys competed from each upper school year group. It was a close competition which was enjoyed by everybody. The results will be announced soon, at the upper school sports day.

Garden Offical Opening

Garden Opening   Garden Opening

Last year, we asked the year 5 children to design a garden for the school including working out the cost of their design using the money donated by Tesco. The children worked in groups and the winning design has now been turned into a real garden. This morning, the whole school gathered together to watch the winning team cut the ribbon to mark the official opening. The garden will be a quiet space that will be enjoyed year round by the children. The designers also hope it will encourage wildlife and they have included a bird table with feeders that the classes take turns to fill. Thank you again to Tesco for supporting projects in our local community.

Royal Wedding Celebration Picnic

Royal wedding picnic   Royal wedding picnic

We were lucky to have such a beautiful day today for our picnic to celebrate the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The cooks prepared packed lunches for the children who usually have school dinners and everyone sat out on the sunny field. The children were also all given a special commemorative coin to take home as a gift from the school.

Eden Camp

Eden Camp   Eden Camp

Year five and six have had an excellent day out at Eden Camp, despite the rain! Fortunately, there were plenty of fascinating huts to shelter in, each one with its own theme such as 'Women at War', 'The Great Escape', and 'The Blitz'. Can you share with your families what we looked at in the other huts and what your favourite part of the day was?

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Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

On Safer Internet Day this year, we invited an online safety expert, Mr Martin, to come to speak to our Key Stage 2 pupils about social media. Although the age limit for all social media services is 13, our pupil surveys show that lots of pupils are already using social media. Mr Martin reminded everyone of the age limit and shared some very improtant information about what happens to your data online as well as some of the other risks.

We also used the day to ask all pupils to sign a new acceptable use agreement and take part in our online safety survey, the results of which will be published soon. Some classes designed online safety posters and Mr Martin will be back in the future to choose the winners.

Online Safety Poster Competition

Online safety poster competition winners

When Mr Martin came on Safer Internet Day, he worked with the year 3 and 4 classes to develop online safety posters. Last week Mr Martin came back to meet with Miss Brewster and Mr Towers and he picked his three winners. The winners each recieved a prize - a kit to build either a robot alarm clock or a car. Well done to the winners and to all the children who took part. You can see their posters below.

Year 3 poster

Year 3/4 poster   Year 4 poster


At the end of January, 37 children from Year 4 visited Robinwood Activity Centre near Hebdon Bridge. It was a 3 day residential visit which gave many of the children their first experience of staying away from home.

The children had the opportunity to take part in a range of challenging activities both in the centre and in the surrounding countryside. The growth mindest the children have been practising in school stood them in good stead and they impressed the staff by stretching themselves beyond their comfort zones to make the most of the visit.

On arriving back at school, the children have done a range of follow-up work including writing thank you letters to the Robinwood staff. You can read some of these letters below.

Our stay at Robinwood

Dear Emma,

I am just writing to tell you I really enjoyed my stay at Robinwood. I wanted to say a massive thank you and all the other amazing staff. My favourite activity was definitely the Trapeze I was actually quite scared before I climbed but then I realized I just needed to be brave and I managed it! The Trapeze was something new for me but I had a go and I enjoyed it so much. My funniest memory was when we were putting mud on our face because everyone was getting hands full and slapping on their face. I also thought it was funny when we fell in the piranha pool because it was freezing. The looks on people’s faces when they fell in the pool was so funny. The activity I found difficult was the Crate Challenge because it was really wobbly on top of them. I had a great time because everyone was encouraging each other.

Yours sincerely

Robinwood 2018

Dear Peter Brown

I am just writing to say how much fun I had at Robinwood. Thank you for setting up the activities for us. My favourite activity was the Trapeze because it was very challenging and surprising. The funniest moment was when Scarlet fell of the crates on the first three layers. It was also funny when everyone fell in the piranha pool. The activity I found the hardest was the Dungeon of doom because you had to find hidden numbers to crack the code. I had a great time because you helped me and you always listened to me and you made me feel so happy.

Yours sincerely

Robinwood 2018

Dear, Suzy and Charlotte

I am just writing to say a humongous thank you for all the hard work you put in to looking after us during our stay at Robinwood .

My favourite activity was Archery because I felt like it was the easiest. My funniest memory was when Miss Turner knocked down all the crates it was funny because it was hilarious when she looked petrified. But the one I found difficult was rock climbing because I was scared to let go but then I realized I would just hang.

I had a great time because I felt really welcome.

Yours sincerely

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